Sunday, November 23, 2008


I contacted a number of Americans who appeared on the British National Party (BNP) membership lists to get material for a blog post. I expected to find crazed supremacists, but instead found victims. Many of the responses were like this one:

...I was abused and suffer from PTSD. White Nationalists target the abused, hurting and vulerable and they offer them help and friendship. They slowly suck you in and like many cults you find yourself saying things you don't really mean. One day I woke up and that is why I started to back away.


There are alot of people who get sucked in. David Duke and Nick Griffin don't wear horns on their heads. They can be charming. I look at them now like Jim Jones. They know how to con people into believing their lies, but in the end those lies only lead to ruin. That is why they are so dangerous.


Yes, to the White Nationalist groups I am a traitor to my race. And yes, I am willing to die if need be to speak up, stand up and tell the world that people need to wake up and stand up against all HATE in this world.

I just want to find a safe place in this world where I am not abused anymore. I don't know if you can understand that.

I don't think the General will be writing about these people.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Rogers Responds to the General

The General recently wrote Jay Rogers, the Executive Director of The Forerunner International Ministries about his call for an imprecatory prayer seeking John McCain's death should he be elected. Rogers, a big supporter of fellow pentecostal worshipper, Sarah Palin, hoped God would answer that prayer so that Palin could ascend to the presidency. The General suggested that it was wrong to state his plans in plain English and suggested he rewrite that piece of the post using God's Love Language. It's the babbling pentecostal worshipers like Palin do when they "speak in tongues." Here's Rogers's response:

Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 22:45:27 -0400
To: "Gen. JC Christian, patriot"
From: Jay Rogers
Subject: "Up" with imprecations

Great letter! I could not have written a better parody myself. You know too much! That's both a good thing and a bad thing for you though -- depending on where you end up.

One thing that I'll admit is that I am stupid to speak my mind honestly as much as I do.

(May God bless me or curse me accordingly.)

Many Christians read the Bible where they encounter imprecatory prayer all the time. So if it is not "Christian" to pray such prayers then many of the Psalms are not "Christian" because they have David praying for Saul's death.

The purpose of the imprecatory Psalms is to remind us that God is sovereign and he "is angry with sinners every day" -- Psalm 7.

I am Protestant, but I think that the Roman Catholic church is right when they put ashes on people's foreheads each year with the admonition, "Remember man that thou art dust and to dust thou shalt return."

I am not deluded enough to think God kills people if I ask Him to. I have no power over people's lives. They are free to do as they please. But people need to be reminded that there are both temporal and eternal consequences for unrepentant sin.

God is your judge, not me, but I can literally "love" you to death by not telling you this. Real love is warning politicians and the public that votes for them of God's consequences for sin.

These six things does the LORD hate: yes, seven are an abomination to him: A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, An heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief, A false witness that speaks lies, and he that sows discord among brothers. -- Proverbs 6:16-19

You may agree or disagree with this, but this is an example of an imprecatory proclamation. And doesn't it describe politics today?

It's amazing to me that so many people take great offense at the idea of imprecations -- the same imprecatory Psalms that called for King Saul's death also asked God to bless him if he repented. That is my attitude too toward our president whoever he or she will be.

It's funny because although I plan to vote for Chuck Baldwin, I am almost sure that because of Sarah, John McCain is going to win.

All I was trying to say in my blog is that she's next in line, so we might as well pray for John to repent and get it right OR (I wrote "AND" stupidly) that he dies quickly.

What the left is dreading would make me rejoice.

I don't think that's outrageous.

Many (conservatives in general) seeing Sarah and John standing together have thought the same thought, although they are not stupid enough to put it on a public blog forum as I have.


Maybe I have blogger's Tourette Syndrome?

Here's our new campaign slogan:

"Sarah -- one heartbeat away from the presidency!"

"3. Pray for John McCain's salvation and speedy death. (Google The Forerunner's articles on Imprecatory Prayer if you think this is harsh)."

But, just a moment ago, as I went back to the post to get a link, I noticed that you changed number three to say:

3. Pray for John McCain's salvation and pray specific imprecatory prayers if he fails to pro-actively defend the sanctity of human life.

It was a mistake to make that change. Think about your audience. They aren't the most imaginative bunch, and they're pretty much opposed to book learnin' in any form that doesn't include the Bible--I mean for heaven's sake, they believe God flooded the earth because demonic giants were after our white women and that Noah was too lazy to build an ark large enough to save the dinosaurs. Do you really think they're capable of understand that "specific imprecatory prayer" means "ask God to smite McCain's sorry ass?" I don't think so.

Christians understand it if they've ever read the Bible. Most don't read the Bible though. This is one place where you are incorrect.

There is a lot of ugly stuff in the Bible that is impossible to understand until you know a God who is holy and just -- as well as being a God of love and forgiveness.

I understand why you might have had second thoughts about calling for McCain's death. It makes you appear a bit crazy to just about everyone but the Palins and their fellow dominionists. But I think there's a way to get that message out to your target audience without anyone else catching on. All you need to do is "type in fingers" using God's love language. That way, only the righteous will understand it.

Here's how I'd write it:

3. Pray for John McCain's salvation and boogaboogula nawdami gabba gabba hey! (Google The Forerunner's articles on Imprecatory Prayer if you think this is harsh).

Of course, you may prefer to substitute "Awop-bop-a-loo-mop alop-bam-boom" for "gabba gabba hey." I made my choice based on a desire for brevity, but it's just a stylistic difference, really. Both phrases basically mean the same thing, the only difference being the size of the anvil. That said, expressing God's love language by "typing in fingers" is new to me--I prefer the results I get when I hungrily apply my tongue in the feverish expression my own personal love language--so my written translation skills may not be as developed as yours.

I hope my suggestion works out for you.

Heterosexually yours,

Gen. JC Christian, patriot

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Ron Paul supporters blame "Jewish Cabal" for anti-Semitism charges

This email was forwarded to me the other day. I found it more than a little ironic that Ron Paul supporters would claim that a Jewish cabal was behind an effort to expose Paul as an anti-Semite. That said, there is some interesting info in this letter; it just doesn't clear Paul of anything. More on that later. First, take a minute to read it:
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted]
Date: Dec 23, 2007 4:48 PM
Subject: Busted! So-Called White Supremacist Group Exposed as Israeli False-Flag Operation
To: [redacted]
Cc: [redacted]

What really Happened (no date)


Every time the Israeli lobbyists in the United States demand more money or more special legal protections, they wave about these so-called "Neo-nazi" or "White Supremacist" groups like Stormfront and the American Nazi Party. AIPAC, ADL, JDL, and their ilk raise tons of money by waving these boogie-men around as a real imminent threat and danger!

Yet no matter what laws get passed and no matter how many millions ADL, JDL, etc. raise, Stormfront and the American Nazi Party remain strangely unmolested by either criminal or civil actions. How very strange!!!

So, earlier today, the Commander of the American Nazi Party, one Bill White, posted an article on the official American Nazis website an article accusing rising Presidential candidate Ron Paul of being a "Secret" White Supremacist.

Now, one might suppose that the American Nazi party would be happy to have a candidate who shares their views, and one might assume that Bill White is smart enough to know that making such a public accusation is going to be quite harmful to the candidate he claims shares his philosophy. Indeed it does appear that Bill White's accusation is intended to cause as much harm to Ron Paul as possible.

Of course, Bill White's claim did not do much more than incite a great deal of laughter. But in their haste to get this message out, one of Bill's minions slipped up.

Rather than cut and paste the text of Bill's accusations, one of the members of Bill's blog, apparently to prove the story's source, screen captured Bill's article, posted it to various newsgroups and in doing so, let slip a rather interesting secret.

Here is that screen capture:

Note the tiny little icon indicated by the arrow in the Windows toolbar. It's a megaphone. But not just ANY Megaphone, it is the icon proving that the member of Bill White's American Nazi group is ALSO a member of Megaphone, the Israeli propaganda communications network!

Here is what the Megaphone looks like when it is running:

More about Megaphone can be found at Wikipedia here:

and more about Bill White and his many fronts can be found HERE:

But what we have here is what appears to be a group of self-proclaimed NeoNazis using the Israeli propaganda network! ... which goes a long way to explaining why they are never arrested or sued by those groups that raise so much money using them as scarecrows!

Nothing in this letter contradicts anything Bill White said on his website nor does it in any way tier Bill White to a "Jewish Cabal." The only thing that can be determined by the facts as presented is that someone who uses Megaphone posted the screen caps on white supremacist message boards. Who that person was and why he or she did it is anyone's guess but it could be any of the following:
  • A white supremacist who keeps tabs on his zionist counterparts by using Megaphone (I am on nearly every right wing christian mailing list imaginable for the same reason).
  • A Little Green Fascist or Israeli supremacist who is doing his thing for the Fatherland.
  • One of Bill White's fellow white supremacists (He was recently involved in a fight against child predators, satanists, and witches (really) in his organization) But of course, that requires the same convoluted reasoning as the letter.
  • a Paulite who saw the Bill White blogpost and wanted to discredit it.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Coalition of the Willing

Update: They locked up his mother when she complained.

"Human Rights Watch has learned that the body of Muzafar Avazov, a 35-year old father of four, showed signs of burns on the legs, buttocks, lower back and arms. Sixty to seventy percent of the body was burnt, according to official sources. Doctors who saw the body reported that such burns could only have been caused by immersing Avazov in boiling water. Those who saw the body also reported that there was a large, bloody wound on the back of the head, heavy bruising on the forehead and side of the neck, and that his hands had no fingernails."

Bush and Blair's involvement.

The General's take.

The Documents (mirrored)


Legal Advice to the British Foreign Office.

Photos from Muslim Uzbekistan

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Fellow Mormons

Although I left the Mormon Church decades ago, I'm still a member. Quitting seemed like a bigger hassle than what it was worth--the requirement to appear before a "Bishop's Court" felt too much like a violation of my personal sovereignty.

I feel differently now that the Church has essentially endorsed torture. I can't allow my name to be associated with them any longer, not even nominally. I'm sending my resignation letter today. I urge you to do the same. Instructions for doing so can be found here. Please be sure to cite their endorsement of torture as your reason for leaving.

From what I understand, Bishop's courts or interviews are not always required anymore, but I'm going to demand one in my letter. I want to hear them explain why they oppose a bill to ban torture while supporting efforts to persecute gays. I want my local Church apparatchiks to consider what's being done in their name.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Why is Perkins afraid

Tony Perkins seems to be afraid that Dobson will be called to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, afraid enough to issue a veiled threat.

I received the following email on Monday. It was also posted on the Family Research Council website until about an hour ago, but for some reason, they removed it.

Dr. Dobson as a Witness?
To: Friends of Family Research Council
From: Tony Perkins, President
Date: October 24, 2005 - Monday
Please forward this to your Friends and Family!

In This Edition:
1) Dr. Dobson as a Witness?
2) We're Not in Kansas Anymore--Or Maybe We Are
3) Beam and Mote Time

Dr. Dobson as a Witness?

Dr. James Dobson has been witnessing for decades, but now
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter (R-Penn.)
says he is likely to summon Dr. Dobson to testify before
his panel as it considers the nomination of Harriet Miers
for the Supreme Court. "My instinct is that they'll be
called. And the American people are entitled to
clarification," Specter told CBS's "Face the Nation"
yesterday. Specter was referring not only to the President
of Focus on the Family, but also to other Evangelical
leaders. The Senator may not be a regular listener to Dr.
Dobson's nationally broadcast Focus on the Family program,
but his staff should at least inform him that Dr. Dobson
has already clarified his remarks before a radio audience
of millions. Any effort to haul Dr. Dobson before the
Committee should be seen for what it is--political

But if the Committee is intent on getting the whole story
of judicial confirmations on record, they might start by
examining the relationship between some Judiciary Committee
members and staff and liberal outside groups. These groups
sought to block Miguel Estrada's confirmation. Committee
files showed that Estrada was opposed for a seat on a U.S.
Appeals Court because liberals did not want an Hispanic
conservative "on deck" to be named to the U.S. Supreme
Court. Now, that would be a clarification that Americans
genuinely need.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

6+1 degrees of separation

Apparently, Rep. Stacey Campfield (R-Illiterate) believes that everyone is as gullible as his supporters. Responding to charges that one of the blogs on his blogroll, Staghounds, is racist, he writes:

It was because I had a link to a sight [sic] that had a link to a site that quoted a black man who wrote for a black owned paper in a black run country about a thought he had that some call racist.

Well, it's not quite that simple. Let's take a look at the post in question. It appeared at the top of the Staghounds blog on the day Rep. Stacey X updated his blogroll.

No black American would DARE
say this publicly, and no American medium would air it. Even though millions of Americans, white and black, are thinking it.

"Desperation? Yeah, right. I am beginning to believe that black people, no matter where in the world they are, are cursed with a genetic predisposition to steal, murder, and create mayhem."

# Shocking truth and expecting more- how dare he!

Is, as Campfield claims, this a case of racism--three-links-removed? Hardly. Staghound's thesis is obvious--"no one in the politically-correct United States would dare speak the truths uttered by this Jamaican journalist." There's no other reasonable interpretation. Campfield's readers should be insulted that he holds them in such contempt that he'd offer up such a weak excuse.

A better move would have been to say that the Staghounds link was not added on that day. As noted in my previous post, I could not definitely put a date on the link's first appearance. The fact that he didn't employ this stronger argument suggests that the assumption I made below was correct. Staghounds was added on the day when that horrendously racist post appeared at the the top of the page. One could therefore assume that it's what prompted Rep. Campfield to add it to his blogroll.

In any event, racist diatribes seem to be a staple at Staghounds. Campfield surely knew what he was linking to.